Keeward is involved in dozens of projects of varying sizes and spread out across different industries, ecosystems and countries. One way we're able to make this work is by having a team comes from a variety of backgrounds, both professionally and geographically, that makes up our global pool of talent.

Under our mission of ensuring the acceleration, growth and success of our client projects, as well as our own, we are organized in expertise verticals.


Made up of web and mobile developers, project managers, user experience designers and engineers, this is the department that ensures everyone's ideas get executed and find a foothold in the real world.


The media team brings together writers, producers, musicians, editors and a host of other talents to create quality editorial and media content for our clients, as well as to create our own publishing, film and music entities.


Based in Brussels, and home to our Creative Director, the Studio brings functional and aesthetic design to all of our projects, whether they are digital or physical.


Keeward Consulting can help you achieve your strategic goals in an ever changing environment where new challenges have arise with the development of digital medias and new technology. We identify areas for growth, and design customized plans of action to bring you tangible results while mitigating risks and embracing organizational transformation.


Keeward offers a truly personalized approach to learning. We work with our clients to diagnose where training is needed, and develop workshops and courses tailored to your contextual needs. Our professional trainers use technologically innovative interactivity to bring you a uniquely effective learning experience in areas such as e-business development, social media strategy, publishing and digital content.


Keeward's research & development unit, affectionally referred to as The Lab, is where we experiment with both software and hardware. In some cases, as a result of our new or ongoing projects, we need to innovate to find solutions to certain challenges, and in others its the department where we project our vision decades into the future.