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Building the Web: Architecture and User Experience

I spent years training to be an architect. Years that helped me decide architecture as a career wasn’t going to be for me. But those years left something behind. To this day, they influence my work creating software, websites and digital interfaces. Studying architecture taught me that technicality, aesthetics, and functionality were all essential components […]

Content Creation for Your Fashion Brand’s Social Media Channels

Content has always been the marketers tool for reaching target audiences. The web has brought choice and on demand capabilities, but it hasn’t slowed down the addiction of audiences to content. 125 million individuals use the Internet in the Arab region. Without content, you can’t hope to be influential enough to grab their attention. Why […]

Leveraging Facebook for Your Fashion Brand

Part 1: The Lean Cycle We use the web and the social web not only because its cool, cheaper, or ‘in’, but because: 1. It allows us to measure the impact of our actions in real time. 2. It gives us direct access to our audience. 3. it gives us more space for experimentation. Part […]


There is a word that comes to mind whenever I think back to my first few months at Keeward and that word is constellation. In the span of five or six months I must have heard it on at least a couple dozen occasions and I never quite felt at ease with it. What did […]


Project management is more of an art than a science. A good project manager is someone who can be forward-looking, comprehensive, flexible, uncompromising, meticulous and procedural … But above all a good project manager can only succeed if he or she is realistic about the demands being made by the project owner. Project management, is […]


Here’s the presentation I gave on the last day of the Social Media Week Beirut. Scroll down for my notes. The video will be up as soon as we have it. 1/ Prelude: Estimates say that a few years back, between 65% and 90% of customers used search engine before making a purchase, most of […]


Social Media Week has gotten bloggers understandably excited.Here is a round-up of who has been discussing it this week. Photo For photos of the event, head over to Hibr’s flickr feed. Beiruting also has a gallery full of pictures. Blogposts Buffering Brain “Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will remember, Involve […]


Keeward has been working with Lebanese Tourism Office in Paris since January 2009, developing its marketing campaigns in Europe. We created an interactive tool for the promotion of Lebanon as a destination for the movie industry as well as came up with a series of recommendations to improve the previous website. Read on for an […]