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Mastering Twitter for Your Fashion Brand

Who thinks that Twitter is hard to understand? Or that it’s useless? Obviously, Twitter has less fans than Facebook. The first thing to say about Twitter is that it’s not Facebook. Twitter is topic-centric. The thing that links you to another person on twitter is mainly a topic you are both interested in and not […]

Community Management for Your Fashion Brand’s Social Media

Community managers do everything, right? They work behind-the-scenes, and the multiple facets of the job can get confusing. Do you think you have the skills to do it on your own? Or do you need to hire some help? Your Role as a Community Manager Listen. 1- Monitor the mention of the brand online. With […]


What does Facebook’s continued expansion mean for the future of social media? Are things going to go the way they did for Microsoft a decade ago, and Google more recently? Read on for some interesting insight on the matter from keeward CEO, Cyril Hadji-Thomas. Recently, Facebook has been making some major moves to step on […]


This post was originally published on Marie Nakhle’s personal blog, which you can check out here. Marie will be speaking about Keeward’s Libraire Antoine success storyon Friday 23rd September at 10am at AltCity in Hamra. Social Media Week’s mission is to explore how local and regional societies, cultures, and economies are becoming more integrated & […]