October 2013

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We live in an indubitably consumer society, so it’s useless to try to deny that shopping—and a whole lot of it—is an essential part of life. As we have not yet regressed (or perhaps progressed) to living in a mass nudist colony, shopping for clothes is an inevitability. Many are completely okay with this; going […]


All the way back in early 2012, we’d been mulling over the possibility of doing more English-language publishing at Keeward Partner project Tamyras. Over the course of our conversations we figured out it was probably unwise to confuse people, since Tamyras has worked really hard to build itself a reputation as a leading French-language publishing […]


Sometimes things don’t immediately make sense. For example, U2 working with Apple in the early 2000s to release an iPod, or the existence of Katy Perry. But then, slowly, you figure out why things happened the way they did. So here’s a little story for you. I’ve got a friend (I know, that’s hard to […]