We all enjoy our jobs at Keeward, and that’s not just marketing speak. One reason we’re such a satisfied bunch, is because we’re encouraged to dedicate a healthy amount of time to our personal projects. Here’s some of what our motley crew gets up to in their spare time.

Personal Projects


Patricia is famous throughout the office for having the most extensive selection of chewing gum at her desk all the time, so she teamed up with Samer whose constant stash of M&Ms and Snickers bars satisfy our late afternoon cravings, to make a traditional Lebanese neighbourhood bodega.

Check out Patricia’s article on Dekkenit Abou Soussou here.


I’ve often referred to Ben as our Nerd-in-Chief (that’s a mark of honour in our circles, rather than in insult). When we started venturing into the making of digital videos, Ben decided he’d make it his holiday pet project to build a camera dolly from scratch. Yup, you read that right.


Franck spends his days making sure everything we do looks beautiful, but he still somehow manages to find time to make cool stuff outside of work too. He (stubbornly) refuses to acknowledge that VHS is dead, and has decided to re-purpose old tapes as canvases. His work was featured in the really cool, and really respected, WAD magazine.

Read his captivating argument here.


To say Marilyn is a foodie would be an understatement. She photographs all her food, but not in that casual “Oh I’ll Instagram this burger” way, more like “I must catalogue all this food for future generations!” Her blog, Permanent Hunger, is starting to build a following in Lebanon, following a couple of really popular posts about expat cuisine.

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