Keeward's teams are spread out across offices on 3 continents, giving us the international our projects require. Whether in Beirut, Brussels, Paris, New York, or Montreal, each office has its own character and history. We have our newest office in San Francisco, with plans to open in London and Dubai in the works.


Located on three floors of the 1079 building in the Beirut Digital District, the Beirut office is Keeward's home base. It is the base of our digital services team, our knowledge and education department, and our publishing entities.

BDD 1079 Building
Bechara El Khoury Highway
Beirut Digital District
Beirut, Lebanon


Paris has always been the spiritual home of Keeward, with so many of the founding team being in some way connected to the city. Now housed on the top floor of a beautiful building in the heart of the dynamic 3rd arrondissement, it is where you'll find the HomeResa team as well as Keeward's R&D Lab.

92 boulevard de Sébastopol, 75003 Paris


Keeward's design studio is housed in a converted 'glaciere' is lovingly nicknamed the Fridge. It is where our Creative Director and his team slave away on making everything we do look and function beautifully. There is a vintage BMW motorcycle in one corner, and a punching bag in the other, and it's definitely the office where you'd most want after work drinks.

Rue de la Glacière 16
1060 Saint-Gilles
Brussels, Belgium


Opened in 2014, the Montreal is quickly becoming Keeward's second largest operation. Located in a beautiful spot along the culturally rich Boulevard St-Laurent (aka The Main), it houses part of the development and marketing teams for Bookwitty.

4416 Boulevard St-Laurent, Suite 222, H2W 1Z5, Montreal, Canada


This is where a lot of the thinking behind Keeward originated and it is still the home of one of it's longest-running projects, HomeResa.


Our New York activities are based in our warehouse in Valley Stream, Long Island. This is where a lot of the activity goes on for one of our major projects, Bookwitty.