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Approaching Bloggers as a Fashion Brand

Blogging is thriving in Lebanon, and building relationships with bloggers around you can be a great link to future customers. You will be learning how to identify bloggers where you can have a mutually beneficial conversation, and how to approach them for a potential collaboration, which will ultimately help solidify your brand in your target […]

Content Creation for Your Fashion Brand’s Social Media Channels

Content has always been the marketers tool for reaching target audiences. The web has brought choice and on demand capabilities, but it hasn’t slowed down the addiction of audiences to content. 125 million individuals use the Internet in the Arab region. Without content, you can’t hope to be influential enough to grab their attention. Why […]

Community Management for Your Fashion Brand’s Social Media

Community managers do everything, right? They work behind-the-scenes, and the multiple facets of the job can get confusing. Do you think you have the skills to do it on your own? Or do you need to hire some help? Your Role as a Community Manager Listen. 1- Monitor the mention of the brand online. With […]

Developing a Social Media Strategy for Your Brand

Social Media has always been there. Even centuries ago. People have always communicated and exchanged information with each other through different media channels such as letters. It used to take weeks or even months to relay certain information but it did happened – eventually. What has really changed is the immediacy of this exchange of […]

The Market Value of Social Media

Your time and money are both hard earned, and it is hard to part ways with either of them. So when you do part ways with them to further your online strategy, it is essential that you have a way of measuring you return on investment. Learn how to use online tools to calculate just […]

Storytelling | Tales of Your Fashion Brand

Part 1: The Story So there’s this guy, right. He’s kinda frumpy looking, and works for a company out West in the US. He’s doing pretty well, but then one day they decide to fire him. A few years later, he gets his job back, but then he dies a few months later. There’s this […]

The “Other” Social Medias for Your Fashion Brand

I should start by saying that there are a lot of options available to you. But I’m also going to tell you that you don’t need to have them all. In fact, you shouldn’t. Below are some of the relevant channels, other than Facebook and Twitter, which may be necessary to you as a fashion […]