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Community Management for Your Fashion Brand’s Social Media

Community managers do everything, right? They work behind-the-scenes, and the multiple facets of the job can get confusing. Do you think you have the skills to do it on your own? Or do you need to hire some help? Your Role as a Community Manager Listen. 1- Monitor the mention of the brand online. With […]

Leveraging Facebook for Your Fashion Brand

Part 1: The Lean Cycle We use the web and the social web not only because its cool, cheaper, or ‘in’, but because: 1. It allows us to measure the impact of our actions in real time. 2. It gives us direct access to our audience. 3. it gives us more space for experimentation. Part […]

Developing a Social Media Strategy for Your Brand

Social Media has always been there. Even centuries ago. People have always communicated and exchanged information with each other through different media channels such as letters. It used to take weeks or even months to relay certain information but it did happened – eventually. What has really changed is the immediacy of this exchange of […]

Storytelling | Tales of Your Fashion Brand

Part 1: The Story So there’s this guy, right. He’s kinda frumpy looking, and works for a company out West in the US. He’s doing pretty well, but then one day they decide to fire him. A few years later, he gets his job back, but then he dies a few months later. There’s this […]