Social Media Week has gotten bloggers understandably excited.
Here is a round-up of who has been discussing it this week.


For photos of the event, head over to Hibr’s flickr feed.

Beiruting also has a gallery full of pictures.


Buffering Brain

“Tell me and I will forget, Show me and I will remember, Involve me and I will understand” –Confucius. That is the motto that Social Media Week taking place for the first time EVER in Beirut is adhering to with 90:10 Group being the organizer behind this ingenious happening.
After finally recognizing that Social Media is a vital platform for brand success, businesses in the Middle East are rushing to take part in the Social Media Week taking place in Beirut for the 1st time. From known banks, to the famous local businesses which have taken social media seriously, and all the people behind best social media practices will now be on stage for questioning and for sharing how they did it.”


“As most of you know, Beirut is an official Social Media Week city this year thanks to 90:10 Group. It was about time to finally put Beirut on the Social Media map of the world and it is about time to learn/share/exchange between different verticals, agencies, competitors. Why one should attend?


“I will be the official speaker covering the music theme during the Social Media Week this year. I will be doing a presentation entitled: How did Social Networks change the relationship between Artists and Fans during which I will be speaking about our personal experience as Slutterhouse and how we manage our career through the social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. After the presentation, I will take time to answer all the questions you may have about the topic.”


“Ever wonder what Social Media means to the world nowadays?
Ever wonder how facebook, twitter and linkedIn are shaping the future?
Ever wonder what the next evolutionary step in Social Media is?
90:10 Middle East, with the support of GIGAlb, invites you, for the first time ever in Beirut, to join us in the week long celebration of Social Media where we will tackle the effects of Social Media across several domains and themes, and try to further understand the profound effects this new media has on our everyday lives.”

Le Bleugg

“Following the announcement that Beirut will be getting its very own Social Media Week thanks to 90:10 Group’s efforts, the digital / social enthusiasts have been waiting anxiously to see what this global event will be like when done locally.
I, of course, was one of them. I didn’t blog about the announcement since it had its share of blog posts but I cannot help but share my excitement for the upcoming line up starting the 19th of this month! The diversity of topics and industries covered will make SMW Beirut one of the most complete and comprehensive coverage of how social media is affecting every single sector of the market. It is a MUST-SEE for anyone who has anything to do with doing business in the new age of marketing, customer relations and PR.”

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