Where good food and good mood meet, fall in love, have babies, then decide to call it quits.

The Shop

Do you spend your 9 to 5 days at the office, fingers clasping your laptop, eyes glued to the screen, beads of sweat seeping through your forehead from concentration? So do the Keeward team members. In such an active work environment, no one has the time to go outside and buy such delicacies as chewing gum, cold beverages or a chocolate bar. Enter Dekkenit Abou Sousou. The creative team of Samer Hobeika and Patricia Moukarzel saw the need for a round the clock mini grocery store in-house and took it upon themselves to satisfy that need.

The Beginning

The idea was initially that of Keeward employees Vida Khoury Gharib and Hratch Zeitunlian, who dared to dream of a space that would provide necessary foods and other items crucial to surviving long winding working days. But it wasn’t until mid October 2012 that the proper environment for said dream to flourish was available. On October 14, Keewardians arrived at their offices to find a brand new cupboard. Samer Hobeika and Patricia Moukarzel saw its potential and a day later, Dekkenit Abou Sousou was inaugurated.

The Facebook group as well as an online application for placing orders soon followed.

The Activities

More than a simple shop, Abou Sousou aims for excellence in all fields. From competitions to team building events, it is always looking for ways to entertain and feed!

  • The ‘Weight of the World’ competition: Keewardians are weighed once every 10 days, and the people who lose the most (or gain the most) weight win a prize from Abou Sousou’s.
  • Sousou of the week: each week, the most loyal customer receives a plaque and a special customized prize.
  • Live auctions: whenever the need for funds arises, a Keeward item is auctioned off to the highest bidder.
  • Meals not on wheels: so far, a launching breakfast and a Berbara (Lebanese Halloween) masquerade have been organized, but Abou Sousou aspires to organize frequent meals for the entire team.
The Abou Sousou Team

Samer Hobeika: aka Abou Sousou, owner, technical team and part-time buyer.

Patricia Moukarzel: aka Sousou, co-owner, GM, marketing and customer service.

Joelle Aoun: aka Nahla Ahla, mascot and model.

  1. What is Abou Sousou?
    Abou Sousou is first and foremost an in-house shop, lodged at the heart of Keeward Berytech. It is there to provide food and goods to hard working Keewardians.
  2. Does Abou Sousou deliver abroad?
    Sadly, not yet. We do have an online app to place orders, but we only cover the Berytech Building area (Beyrouth, Lebanon). Though if anyone in our other offices (Paris, Belgium, Montreal, New York) would like to buy a license and open a new branch, we’re ready to negotiate!
  3. Does Abou Sousou exist?
    Like Santa Claus (who is friends with Abou Sousou on Facebook. No, really!, he exists in the loving hearts of Keewardians.
  4. Has the shop declared bankruptcy?
    This is an ugly rumor and we refuse to dignify it with an answer.
    Fine, Abou Sousou went through a rough patch in November. But with the help of volunteer bakers and superheroes/marketing guys (two of our fellow Keewardians), it rose from its ashes and is now better than ever!
A Call for Action

Abou Sousou is a small business struggling to survive in an unstable economic environment. Anyone interested in donating money or items to the shop can send an email to
Benefactors will receive a plaque and an honorary membership. (They won’t actually)

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