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Exotica is one of the leaders in the field of floristry in the Middle East. From production of flowers and plants, to landscaping, floral decoration and arrangements, as well as garden maintenance. The company sells its plants and flowers on one commercial site, and delivers to Lebanon and the UAE.

Over the years, Keeward has worked with Exotica on several projects ranging from the development of their new E-commerce website, to their upcoming mobile application, social media strategy, as well as in an advisory role.

As part of its 3 years development plan, Exotica is aiming for an online sales objective of 10M$ by expanding into 5 new countries, (KSA, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain). This will require a solid technological and marketing infrastructure to help support the growth and expansion of Exotica in the region. Keeward has been contacted to develop an online marketing plan and set up the appropriate infrastructure to help Exotica scale their E-business in the region.

Some Milestones
2015: Marketing campaigns for the cornerstone calendar points (Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and ongoing campaigns in between)
2014: Design and development of the revamped Website.
2014: Development of a mobile app designed to guide users in choosing the right product and directing them to the nearest store to order.
2012: Definition of a social media strategy for 2 separate campaigns: One at an international level targeting Lebanese expats, and another one targeting Lebanese residents.
2008-2010: Strategic assistance over a period of 2 years