Kids And The Internet

Keeward's "Kids & The Internet" Conferences & Workshops series is an interactive activity for schools and parents's associations to raise awareness on the responsibilities that go with Internet usage among youngsters and teenagers. Workshops and discussions take place with the kids, for one or two hours and are usually followed by a 90 minutes conference for parents and educators (Available in English & French Languages).


These presentation are kindly provided to you under the Creative Commons Licensing.

- Internet est-il vraiment dangereux pour nos enfants ? (Français - PDF / 6.5 Mb)
- 10 things you need to know before browsing the World Wide Web (English - PDF / 1.6 Mb)
- 10 conseils pour être un utilisateur responsable sur le World Wide Web (Français - PDF / 1.7 Mb)
- 3asher eshya lezim ta3refa abel ma testa3mil el "World Wide Web" (Arabic - PDF / 6.8 Mb)