All the way back in early 2012, we’d been mulling over the possibility of doing more English-language publishing at Keeward Partner project Tamyras. Over the course of our conversations we figured out it was probably unwise to confuse people, since Tamyras has worked really hard to build itself a reputation as a leading French-language publishing house.

So we decided to start up a new publishing house, focusing on English language books and cultural objects. We wanted to do it somewhere English-speaking too, and since a few of us are obsessed with New York, it seemed like the right moment to take up that challenge.

Obviously, heading to NYC and deciding to set up a publishing house is a daunting thought. “Who the hell are we to do this?” we thought to ourselves as we sobbed silently in a corner. We had to do something really meaningful, something that only we could do in a way.

As we were chatting, we came to the conclusion that every generation kind of has their defining moment, but that there was a big chunk of people who didn’t have someone to speak for them, Third Culture Kids. From that point on, creating a community of TCK readers and writers became our obsession, and that’s how Gate 37 was born. We’re currently working on the wireframes for the website, and you’ll see a roll-out over the next couple of months.

Gate 37 will be the first iteration of Keeward Publishing, its first imprint. Both Gate37 and Keeward Publishing more generally, will be focused on creating interesting creative products, but also on innovating. Not just creating digital version of physical books, but thinking digitally from the very beginning. Trying to tell the important stories of our age through the technologies of our age, even at the creation level, not just the consumption through a tablet or reader.

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