Content Creation for Your Fashion Brand’s Social Media Channels

Content Creation for Your Fashion Brand’s Social Media Channels

Content has always been the marketers tool for reaching target audiences. The web has brought choice and on demand capabilities, but it hasn’t slowed down the addiction of audiences to content.

125 million individuals use the Internet in the Arab region. Without content, you can’t hope to be influential enough to grab their attention.

Why Your Content Is Failing
– You’ve misunderstood your audience
– Your content is all about you
– You’re setting the bar too low: Focus on better content not more content
– You don’t have calls to action: If someone engaged with your content, would they know what to do next?
– Your posts are boring
– Your customers don’t trust you
– You’re trying too hard to sell

What Kind of Content Should I Share?
Shareability is all about what the post does to people; it has an effect on them that they want to share with others.

Highly shareable posts do at least one of the following:

GIVE: Offers, discounts, deals or contests that everyone can benefit from, not just one sub-group of your friends
ADVISE: Tips, especially about problems that everyone encounters; for example, how to get a job or how to beat the flu
WARN: Warnings about dangers that could affect anyone
AMUSE: Funny pictures and quotes, as long as they’re not offensive to any group- sometimes the humor isn’t quite as strong or edgy- it has to appeal to a general audience
INSPIRE: Inspirational quotes
AMAZE: Amazing pictures or facts
UNITE: Your fans coming together in agreement

Where Do I Find Content?

ORIGINAL vs. Co-CREATED ss. Sponsored vs. Third Party vs. Getting Others to Talk About You

One of the most popular trends in the fashion industry this year has been brand generated content. From online blogzines to Tumblr-powered micro sites, branded content is quickly becoming a cost effective, long-term online marketing strategy that the fashion industry will continue to utilize as brands and retailers look for new, innovative ways to connect with customers online.

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