In Focus

Building the Web: Architecture and User Experience

I spent years training to be an architect. Years that helped me decide architecture as a career wasn’t going to be for me. But those years left something behind. To this day, they influence my work creating software, websites and digital interfaces. Studying architecture taught me that technicality, aesthetics, and functionality were all essential components […]


We live in an indubitably consumer society, so it’s useless to try to deny that shopping—and a whole lot of it—is an essential part of life. As we have not yet regressed (or perhaps progressed) to living in a mass nudist colony, shopping for clothes is an inevitability. Many are completely okay with this; going […]


We all enjoy our jobs at Keeward, and that’s not just marketing speak. One reason we’re such a satisfied bunch, is because we’re encouraged to dedicate a healthy amount of time to our personal projects. Here’s some of what our motley crew gets up to in their spare time. Personal Projects Patricia Patricia is famous […]