Keeward CEO, Cyril Hadji-Thomas, was part of a panel at Social Media Week Beirut with Boudy Nasrala (WonderEight), Antoun Abouzeid (Makhsoum) and Stephane Bazan (USJ).

Beyond Web 2.0 | Social Media Week by keeward

Below is a summarized transcript of Cyril’s remarks, but we also think you should listen to the audio file, there’s some interesting stuff in there.

What works and what doesn’t in SMB?

As an oriented, targeted, one-to-one way of communicating with your customers, SM should be used for specific obvious purposes. Generic, advertisement driven, communications tend to fail because they are mass market oriented, so they are “filtered” by the usual user. On the contrary, usage driven communication, customer support, games; everything that is centered on the customer’s immediate need or interest has more efficiency and purpose.

How to evolve?

Building an efficient Marketing environment on the Internet is like contributing to a larger Ecosystem. We need Content to be referenced in Search Engine. We need targeted Media to act like a sieve and target our audiences and we need SM to engage in a relationship to a customer.

Our evolution as Internet Marketers probably goes through interacting more and more as a professional targeted Media or partnering with such media. Evolution of marketing goes through making the ecosystem bigger and more efficient.

SMB in 2 years, 5 years?

We are already seeing the specialization of SM by interest or relationship type: FB for private life, culture and politics, Twitter as an Infra-Media, Linked-in for Hiring, profiling and sales, etc.

But the bigger evolution comes with the Mobile interface. The mix between SM and Mobile technology re-injects the Internet into the physical world. Augmented Reality has shown us how we can get more Information or Interaction with our physical environment using Internet based services on a mobile device.

We probably will see the Internet showcasing an increasingly intertwined relationship between Persons in the physical world Connected through Social Media, Interacting through Mobile devices.

In the long run, we are still expecting a super, user enriched Internet, emerging. IPV6+Mobile+SM+Local Smart Search Agents+Linked Data= something like a “Hypernet” where there is a direct connection between everyone.

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